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Grant Boddington
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Motivational Speaker, Communications
                            Consultant speaking in CHINA.

This demonstration is known as full body catalepsy, or the "human bridge"; in Macau, China.
Motivational Speaker,
                          Communications Consultant speaking in CHINA.
Grant demonstrating the power of self control with an enthusiastic member of Motorola Asia staff; in Macau, China.
What is Mind Mechanics?
A Mind Mechanics® presentation for your seminar or conference, is based on the power of positive communication - especially verbal and written communication.  It also probes deeper into positive thought and processes and body language.  So, yes, it's mostly about positivity!  And of course everyone knows that they should think positively, speak positively and act positively - but the difference is that Grant Boddington actually shows you how!  Learn More

What Makes Grant so Unique?

It's simple, Grant's own business is totally about the power of positive communication - as he's one of NZ's foremost Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists.  Over the last 25 years Grant has developed a style of positive communication that's created amazing results in his clients. These wonderfully effective techniques have now been further developed into an incredible tool for the business, sales and corporate world. Learn More

A Sales & Marketing Edge
How much better could your advertising and  promotions be if they highlighted the benefits of your products or services to your clients at a very acceptable subconscious level?  Learn how to use the power of positive suggestion to clinch the deal!  Learn More

What's the Format?

Grant Boddington can deliver a riveting, fast-paced presentation delivering practical information that you can use every day!  He has content suitable for any corporate conference, sales & marketing conference, or training seminar.  It can be tailored in length to anywhere between 1 - 4 hours.  Grant's presentations are highly interactive & entertaining, with practical exercises, demonstrations, handouts - and even free motivational downloads for all attendees. 

National & International

Grant Boddington is available to speak in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and any place in-between; as well as internationally.
So whether it be a management refresher course, a sales and marketing seminar or a corporate conference, Grant can deliver the most interactive and valuable motivational presentation.

Contact Grant now ... and engage him to modify the thoughts, words and actions of your staff ... so they in turn can positively affect the buying patterns of your clients!


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Simply The Best MotivationDownload Grant's FREE MP3 Recording
Simply the Best Motivation
  is a 10 minute motivational MP3 app to boost your Positive Mental Attitude via Positive Thinking, Speaking and Acting!  It's ideal as sports motivation, business motivation or in motivating one towards positive personal self improvement. You can listen to it any time while relaxing traveling or exercising.

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