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Positive Communication Skills
Practical Tips & Tricks on Effective Language Use ... for Salespeople
From Grant Boddington - Entertaining Motivational Speaker

Positive Communication Skills

Motivational Speaker
                        Grant Boddington for your ConferenceWhether you speak it, hear it or see it, the language used, is interpreted by the mind more literally ... when both its content and structure ... exactly equal its meaning.  A Mind Mechanics presentation - from motivational speaker Grant Boddington, is an interactive and intriguing lesson at positive, verbal communications that only he, as a Hypnotist, can deliver in such an entertaining fashion!

Positive v Negative ... Verbal Communications

Open v Closed ... Questioning Techniques

Active v Passive ... Listening Skills

Mind mechanics is a learning experience with a difference!  Learn how to think, speak and act more positively!

It's ideal for staff training seminars and conferences aimed at motivating your valuable people to improve their personal and interpersonal Positive Communication Skills.

A couple of examples from one of Grant's Mind Mechanics® presentations:

Q. What's wrong with this advertiser's statement?
"Not only are our products second to none, but we provide an unbeatable service."
A. Too many negative words used ... in what was actually supposed to be a positive statement!

Q. What's wrong with this Met Service statement?
"Not much wind"
A. They're telling us what we won't have ... rather than what we will

Grant will explain why advertisers often choose to use this style of language ... and how to
improve statements like these ... using the positive language of a Hypnotist!

You've probably marvelled over how a Hypnotist can influence willing subjects on stage.  Now you and your staff can use some of these amazing positive communication skills for the betterment of your business!

For a "sales" oriented business, Grant shows how hypnosis-inspired positive communication techniques from your staff are be easier understood and accepted by the subconscious mind of a prospective buyer. 

Every successful salesperson should know how to use the "power of suggestion" to convert more inquiries into sales.

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