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Find a Motivational Speaker in New Zealand:  Use this motivational speakers directory list to locate a great NZ professional speaker, conference speaker, seminar speaker, communications speaker, celebrity speaker, MC, or Motivational Speaker. 

This is a Motivational Speakers Directory, not a Motivational Speakers Agency, so there are no commission fees when you book a speaker, as you deal personally with that speaker.  You retain control of your sales and marketing conference or seminar.

Most NZ professional speakers in this directory are available Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and every place in-between!

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Mind Mechanics: Positive Communication Skills

Grant Boddington Unique NZ
              Motivational Speaker

Are you looking for a unique & entertaining motivational speaker for your conference?  Grant Boddington is a Motivational Speaker who is also a Hypnotist!  Now that's unique! 

Training + Entertainment = ENTER-TRAIN-MENT

Grant is a master of communication and is a very different professional motivational speaker. In his very interactive and hugely entertaining presentations, he explains and demonstrates a fresh approach to modern sales communications.  A Mind Mechanics Positive Communication Skills presentation at your conference or seminar will give your staff the best unique and powerful business advantage!  Let Grant show you a few tricks of his trade - to help you in yours!  WARNING: Requires Audience Participation! ;-)

Mind Mechanics® presentations are ideal for all corporate or business seminars, sales and marketing conferences and training courses. Available Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and every place in-between.  Also available for international conferences and seminars. Find out more ...

Systematic Training Education & Motivation

Ian Harper Motivational Speaker(STEM) with Motivational Speaker Ian Harper. There are many advantages to accessing Ian for staff training, including his willingness to work with managers and staff, facilitating solutions based strategies that take into account individual learning styles, rather than the standard “one size fits all” approach.

You cannot expect people to “look outside the square”, by only exposing them to those who are still in it. This unique programme covers the six key skills of communication, assertiveness, stress & time management, problem solving & goal setting.

Steve Gurney - Motivational Speaker

                    Gurney Inspirational Motivational SpeakerLife is full of obstacles and opportunities. The important thing is to appreciate that the obstacles themselves are often opportunities when viewed from the right mindset.

Steve Gurney Top Conference Speaker, has a history of overcoming adversity, resilience and team leadership. He can bring these skills to your audience weaving in adventure tales from his extensive repertoire. 
Email Steve

Marguerite The Surfing Lawyer

Marguerite Vujcich
              Motivational SpeakerMarguerite is an enthusiastic and inspirational motivational speaker who can inspire any audience.
"Just let me know when and where and I’ll be there!  If there is something you want to do, you can.  All you have to do is give it a go.  Like me with my surfing.  I wanted to compete again.  I was afraid that people would laugh at me because of my age, being 50.  I simply gave it a go.  Courage grabbed my hand, and together we ran into the water.  I paddled out into the ocean with the youngsters and did my best.  I did well and was congratulated.   You can do exactly the same.  All you need is Courage.  To achieve anything great in life you have to be brave.  Taking the first step is all you need to do.  The rest will follow."
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Leigh Kelly - Care Advisory Services

Leigh Kelly
                  Inspirational SpeakerRN ADN. Leigh has been speaking professionally for 8 years and will add value to your health related conference or seminar. A Registered Nurse who has over 30 years experience in the aged care sector from staff nurse, Charge Nurse (Public Hospital), Rest Home Owner and Manager.

Jason Wills - Technology Speaker

                  Wills Technology SpeakerTop rated Speaker Jason Wills is the CEO and founder of Jason Wills Digital Marketing and former CIO of Harcourts International. Unlike most conference speakers, Jason has the ability to take complex futuristic trends, make them simple to understand and then explain how they could give your business its next opportunity to disrupt the industry. Jason is a high energy speaker and will keep the audience on the edge of their seats with trends he sees coming and predictions for the future. Email Jason

Guy Cater - Compere & Master of Ceremonies (MC)
Guy Cater - MC and CompereGuy Cater is able to take your evening and ensure it runs smoothly.  He is intelligent and articulate and can: pop in some comedy if required; he can run your presentations; introduce your speakers, or officiate at your prize giving.

Guy has vast experience in acting as MC compere for: Entertainment Variety Shows; Beauty Pageants; Fashion Parades; Gala Balls; Conferences, Seminars and Product Launches. With Guy as your Master of Ceremonies (MC) ... you are assured of a successful function.
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Richard "Geewiz" Gee
                "Geewiz" GeeConference speaker, business or motivational or personalised topics, passionate about NZ business, interesting, inspiring, innovative, experienced over 34 countries and 15000 speaking presentations. Books, Cds, 0800 and email support.

Travel anywhere, speak anywhere, inspire anywhere.
Find out More: www.geewiz.co.nz or www.geewiztv.com  Ph 0800 GEEWIZ
  Email Richard

Rob Hamill - The Naked Rower
Rob HamillWhether it’s laugh out loud humour, inspiration or thought-provoking anecdotes and perspective, Olympian and trans-Atlantic rowing champion Rob Hamill’s deeply moving presentations has it all.  Rob was recently the narrator-protagonist of the award-winning documentary Brother Number One (see trailer www.brothernumberone.co.nz), which recounts the story of his return to Cambodia retracing the steps of his brother Kerry, tortured and murdered by the Khmer Rouge.

Rob’s account is a powerful and inspiring message on tenacity, hope, love and the last human freedom: The power to choose your attitude and how you respond to any given situation.  Email Rob

Mindset Champion - Changing lives so people embrace the exceptional in their own life!
                ClarkTo get different results you need different behaviour.  To change behaviour you need to change the mindset that creates the behaviour.

Mike Clark is an international business trainer and motivational speaker. His passion and energy for helping people be all they can be and enjoy life to the maximum is refreshing and energising.

Do you want a Speaker who is Relate-able, Energetic, Action-orientated and Passionate? With an array of different topics and stories Mike will ensure you and your team will REAP Success as well as having an enjoyable time.  Email Mike

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Find a Motivational Speaker in New Zealand:  Use this motivational speakers directory list to locate a top NZ professional speaker. Conference Speaker, Seminar Speaker, Communications Speaker, Celebrity Speaker, Guest Speaker, or Motivational Speaker.