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NZ Motivational
Thoughts, Words & Actions
60-Minute Sales & Marketing Seminar
Every successful salesperson should know how to use the
"power of suggestion" to convert more inquiries into sales!

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The Power of Suggestion: A Sales & Marketing Edge

Motivational Speaker Grant Boddington
                              for your ConferenceHave you ever wondered ???
 ~ How a Stage Hypnotist persuades people to do such hilarious things?
~ How a Clinical Hypnotherapist helps people to make amazing life-changes?

Well, in his
Thoughts, Words & Actions Sales and Marketing presentation, as your keynote speaker, Grant Boddington can show you how he does it - and also teach you a few of his powerful language techniques.

These powerful, yet amazingly simple techniques, will assist you to turn interest into more inquiries - and then convert those extra inquiries ...... into more sales!

Wouldn't it be great if you could single out a potential client, look deep into his eyes and tell him that he feels an overwhelming urge to buy every product you have to sell??? 

Of course, that's pure fantasy. The fact is though, that Motivational Speaker Grant Boddington can teach you the reality of how the Power of Suggestion can give you a huge psychological advantage in your sales and marketing. 

Plus, as well as it being about the Psychology of Selling, it's also about the Psychology of Buying!  And we all know that Sellers need Buyers - just as Buyers need Sellers!

Grant Boddington presents a fresh approach to sales and marketing success with his own unique and extremely effective technique of Mind Mechanics
- Thoughts, Words & Actions. Grant created and based Mind Mechanics on his amazing and special persuasive motivational skills as a Stage Hypnotist and a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist. 

Thoughts, Words & Actions is a valuable addition to your next sales and marketing conference or seminar and is of practical use to both staff and management alike.  The deliverance is interactive and professional, with practical exercises, demonstrations, handouts and even free downloadable MP3 motivation recordings for all the attendees.

Sales and Marketing Presentation Outline

You will learn:

Thoughts, Words & Actions - Sales & Marketing - 5 Top Advantages

1. Entertaining + Training = ENTER-TRAIN-MENT!  And that's exactly what Grant provides! When you're relaxed and having fun at your conference, you'll learn much more and you'll remember much more!

2. Simplicity - As we all know, simplicity sells! As a keynote speaker, Grant's presentation is easy to understand and use in your sales and marketing.

3. Memorable - The techniques and information Grant presents, can be remembered indefinitely and applied to your management and staff interpersonal relations - as well as your advertising and correspondence.

4. Customisable - Grant will tailor his 60-minute presentation to match your theme.

5. Cost Effective - Book direct - and Grant's fee is often half that of other trainers!

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Grant Boddington
Grant Boddington
Telephone: 06 345 2000 
Mobile: 021 447 481

Email: grant@grantboddington.com

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Mind Mechanics is a NZ Regd Trademark
Owned by Grant Boddington

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